natural pozzolan at best price

Do you know what is Natural pozzolan? pozzolan is the natural and sustainable that the Romans used so effectively in their ancient concrete mixes. Naturally, calcined pumice pozzolana is effective, abundant, and ecological. these products available with the best quality and the best prices in reliable wholesale vendors, that you can order them in bulk.

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natural pozzolan at best price

natural pozzolan specifications

natural pozzolan specifications The pozzolans are materials siliceous or alumino-siliceous from which historically produced the cement, since ancient Roman until the invention of the Portland cement in the nineteenth century. Today pozzolanic cement is considered an eco-material.

The broad definition of pozzolan does not address the origin of the material, only its ability to pozzolanic reaction with calcium hydroxide and water. The quantification of this capacity is included within the term pozzolanic activity.

The pozzolana is a similar material but in this case, only source volcanic. It gets its name from the town of Pozzuoli, on the slopes of Vesuvius, where it was already exploited in Roman times for the manufacture of natural pozzolan cement.

Later the term was extended to all those materials that, due to their properties similar to the Pozzolana of natural origin, can have substitute uses.

Volcanic rocks, in which the amorphous constituent is glass produced by sudden cooling of the lava. For example volcanic ash, tuff, slag, and obsidian.

Rocks or soils in which the siliceous constituent contains opal, either by the precipitation of silica from a solution or from the residues of organisms, examples of which are diatomaceous earth, or clays naturally calcined from heat or a lava flow.

Pozzolan cement is produced by intimately mixing and grinding in a ball mill to fine powder a mixture of lime hydrate and pozzolan, with an average proportion of 70% pozzolana and 30% lime. The material produced is required to have a fineness similar to that of ordinary Portland cement (3100-4200 cm 2 / gr).

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buy natural pozzolan at cheapest price The properties of pozzolans depend on the chemical composition and internal structure. Pozzolans with a chemical composition such that the presence of the three main oxides ( SiO2, Al 2 O 3, Fe 2 O 3 ) is greater than 70% is preferred. It is that the pozzolana has an amorphous structure.

The advantages that pozzolanic cement offers over the rest are detailed below:

  • Greater durability of cement.
  • Improved resistance to seawater.
  • Better defense against sulfates and chlorides.
  • Increase in tensile strength.
  • Increased impermeability due to the reduction of cracks during the setting.
  • Decreased heat of hydration.
  • Improved resistance to abrasion.
  • Increase the resistance of steel to corrosion.
  • Less need for water.

In the case of pozzolans obtained as agricultural waste (ashes from sugar cane and rice ), the most viable way to improve their properties is to carry out controlled burning in rustic incinerators, where the combustion temperature is controlled, and the residence time of the material. natural pozzolan can be purchased in bulk through this site with the best prices.

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